Best herbs that are effective in herpes

Giloy(TInospora cordifolia)

Tinospora cardifolia is also known as Giloy in Ayurveda(ancient Indian natural treatment method). It is a widely used herb for medicine purpose. It has great significance as a immune booster as it repairs and provide strength to immune system. Stronger immune system leads to increased ability to fight the infections and virus within the body or entering the body. It has also shown great effect as antiviral on Herpes as it makes body immune system stronger so that it can inhibit or kill the HSV virus in the body or the virus entering the body. Its antiviral activity and its positive effects on immune system is widely appreciated.

Nimb(Azadirachta indica)

It is a powerful herb known for its antiviral property. It has variety of application in medicinal purpose. It is widely used to cure skin disease and detoxifying the blood with several other positive effects. It has antifungal, anti-diabetic, anti-viral, anti-bacterial and some other properties. It can be used in Herpes as it has antiviral property which helps in dealing with HSV virus. It also removes other types of infections present in blood which can trigger the HSV virus. It has an appreciating effect as antiviral on herpes or HSV virus. It also cleans up the infections created on the skin by the HSV virus and other viruses.

Tulsi( Ocimum Sanctum)

It has property of anti-aging, antiviral, anti-fever and many others. It relieves and cures from respiratory disorders, headaches, acne, fever , mental and metabolic stress. It protects body from various infections. It has also a significant effect on herpes or HSV virus. It detoxifies the blood and removes the substances that can worsen the effects of herpes and also makes body more liable to fight against HSV virus. Aerial parts of Tulsi have been used in various research which showed positive and significant effect on HSV virus. It has more significant effect on HSV-2 virus. It also has a significant effect on relieving the inflammation caused by HSV virus.

Dadima(Punica Granatum)

It has a wide variety of applications in medicinal field. Its fruit is used for sustaining a healthy life. It is used to treat sore throat, digestive disorders, skin disorders, arthritis etc. Researchers have used different parts of Punica Granatum to study the effects on HSV virus. Fruit juice, peels and seeds oil powder  was used to study the effects on HSV virus. Results showed that all of them have very significant and positive effect on treating herpes. It helps in curing herpes and HSV virus and bringing down the symptoms. It has a antiviral property that helps in treating herpes.

Phyllanthus urinaria

Phyllanthus urinaria is commonly known as gripeweed, shatterstone, stone breaker, chamber bitter or leafflower. It has property of anti-oxidant, anti-viral, anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, treating ulcer, removing kidney stone, hepatitis B and anti-cancer. It has significant effect on herpes and acts as anti-herpes. It is used to cure herpes and HSV virus. It helps in inhibiting the HSV virus from further infection and also helps body to fight the existing infections caused by HSV virus. It helps in killing or removing the HSV virus from the body. It inhibits infection of HSV-2 virus by attacking at early stages of virus infection and diminishing its ability to infect the host.

Sambucus( Elderberry)

Sambucus is known as Elderberry. It is a flowering plant that has a variety of medicinal uses. It helps in treating constipation, flu and colds. It has medicinal use in rheumatism and pain from traumatic injury. Anti-viral property of Elderberry has been established. It can be used to treat herpes as it has antiviral property against HSV virus. It inhibits replication and further increase of virus within the body. It also helps to make body healthy and increase ability of body to fight against herpes or HSV virus.

Calendula( Marigold)

Calendula is a flowering plant known widely as Marigold. Oils of Calendula is widely used anti-inflammatory and  anti-tumor agent and also for healing wounds. Several studies have stated that it has anti-viral, anti-inflammatory and anti-genotoxic property. It is used in treating acne, reduce inflammation, control bleeding and for controlling irritating problems. It has been also used for treating constipation and abdominal cramps. It has also shown immunomodulatory properties. It is a effective herb for treatment of herpes and inhibit the further infection of HSV virus. Due to its antiviral property, it have significant effect on treating herpes or HSV virus.

Echinacea( coneflower)

Echinacea is a flowering plant commonly known as coneflower. Various species of Coneflower helps in treating herpes. It has a great antiviral property against HSV virus and some other viruses too. It inhibits the growth and further infection of HSV virus and brings down the symptoms of herpes. It controls the infections caused by HSV virus. It helps the body to kill or remove the HSV virus form the body in a effective way.


Researches stated that Garlic can be used for treatment of herpes due to its antiviral property. It is an effective way of treating herpes. Garlic has been found useful in treating herpes as it helps in reducing down the symptoms of herpes. It helps in treating herpes as it fights against the infections caused by HSV virus. It also helps in cleaning the skin. It is used to increase immunity, stamina, respiratory and digestive issues. It has also shown affect on influenza. It is so effective that it has also showed anti-HIV effects on HIV affected people.


Astragalus is herb that is commonly known as Milkvetch or Locoweed. It is used for improving immune systems, heart failure, seasonal allergies, diabetes, general tonic for liver and many other issues. It has antiviral and antibacterial property also. It is an effective herb for treatment of herpes. It affects the immune systems and improves it so that it can fight effectively against HSV virus. It inhibits the growth and further infection of HSV virus. It helps body to kill or remove the HSV virus from the body and relieve the patient from herpes.

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