Mushroom for Herpes – What is the Concept?

Mushrooms are very popular in medicinal world due to their several health benefiting properties. Mushrooms have the ability to fight with several viral infections including herpes. It not only fights with the virus but also helps the body to inhibit and overcome several viral infections. It also speeds up the recovery process. The biochemical mechanisms of mushrooms help us to overcome virus-specific and virus nonspecific immunological response (including improved antibody production and secretion of interferon).

Are you familiar with immunological response and interferon?  An immunological response is an automatic response. In this response, the body recognizes itself the invaders and produces antibodies which are specific to the specific antigens.

interferon for herpes cure

Interferon is an antiviral protein which helps to recognize the virus and inhibit virus’s replications. From here, you must have got an idea how mushrooms are helpful for us. People know herpes but they are not completely aware of herpes, so they have regular herpes outbreaks simply because they are not aware of the triggers that cause herpes outbreaks. It is said that if you know your problem, it means you have won half of the battle against any type of diseases.


Herpes is a sexually transmitted disease. It is easily transmittable among humans. It passes from one person to another by any type of physical contact. But anal sex, oral sex, and natural sex is more common physical contact. Herpes simplex virus is responsible for this. This virus has two types which are named as herpes simplex virus 1 (oral herpes) and herpes simplex virus 2(genital herpes).

herpes outbreak

It shows its presence when the immune system becomes weak. If we want to make our immune system strong, we can take mushrooms. If you think how mushrooms are beneficial for herpes’ cure, we will provide solutions regarding all of your herpes questions. Read it carefully.


People are familiar with mushrooms but not many of us are aware of the medicinal properties of it. It is our mentality that if an herb is colorful, it means that it is full of nutrients, minerals etc. If it is so, what do you think about mushrooms? Mushrooms are generally white (colorless).  Mushrooms are commonly known as a toadstool. It is a fleshy, spore-bearing fungus. It is thought that mushrooms are vegetables. Let me tell you one interesting thing that mushrooms are neither vegetable nor plants. Mushrooms belong to fungi kingdom full of nutrients. They look very small and grow on the ground.

mushroom for herpes cure

Do you know that Mushrooms are of two types named as edible and non-edible? Non edible mushrooms are poison for our health. So we never consume them. Edible mushrooms are full of nutrients and minerals. If one wants to take everything in a small packet, he can consume edible mushrooms.

How is Herpes Cure Achieved with Mushrooms?

A research on mushrooms has proven that mushrooms can help against many viral infections such as Parainfluenza and rhinoviruses (the common cold), Influenza (the flu), Herpes simplex virus, Mononucleosis (Epstein-Barr virus), Cytomegalovirus, Hepatitis viruses because of their antiviral, antibacterial, antitumor, anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory, hypoglycemic and immune-stimulating behavior.

When someone suffers from herpes, he gets a lot of outbreaks which seem very ugly. The solution of this problem, he should start to consume mushrooms because Anti-inflammatory properties of mushrooms help decrease or diminish the inflammation caused by herpes infections.

“Mayo Clinic Book of Alternative Medicine,” says that Antiviral effects have been discovered not only for whole mushrooms but also for extracts of isolated compounds within mushrooms. We can divide the antiviral effects into two categories named as

  1. Direct antiviral effects- this effect includes the inhibition of viral enzymes, viral nucleic acid and absorption of virus in any form.
  2. Indirect antiviral effects- this effect stimulates the immune response against the viral invasion and promotes biochemical factors, such as alkalinity that discourages viral replication.


mushrooms to cure herpes

No doubt, mushrooms play a great role in herpes treatment. It can easily inhibit growth and replication of the virus. In this way, it is very helpful to get rid of herpes. But we cannot easily distinguish between edible and non-edible mushrooms. Wild mushrooms come in categories of both edible and non-edible. If we consume cultivated wild mushrooms, it gives a lot of benefits. But if we consume uncultivated wild mushroom, it will act as a poison. To avoid dangers, it is best to consume mushrooms that have been cultivated under appropriate conditions. So, it is better you take in mushrooms that are safe for you. Take care and be happy.

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